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Reusable Make Up Wipes, Twin Pack • Just Add Water •  Press Beauty

Reusable Make Up Wipes, Twin Pack • Just Add Water • Press Beauty

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Better for your skin. Better for the environment. Better for your bank account.

Harsh cleansers and single-use/throw-away makeup wipes can cause irritation, breakouts and upset your skin's natural pH levels. No thank you. With PRESS BEAUTY reusable microfibre makeup removing + cleansing towels, all you need is water to completely remove makeup, or deep cleanse your face.

Directions: For best results, wash towels prior to first use. Simply rinse under tap, or machine wash with light colours. Please do not use fabric softener, as this may coat the microfibres and reduce effectiveness.

Thoroughly wet towel with warm water (the water activates the towel and loosens makeup which allows our super fine + soft microfibres to get deep inside any pores + lines and work their magic) and gently wipe face in circular motions. Skin is left clean and healthy, naturally.

When your PRESS BEAUTY wipes become dirty, wash as per initial instructions, air dry, and re-use. We recommend replacing towels every 6 months.

Reusable zip-lock packet contains: 2 x reusable makeup removing + cleansing towels. 100% polyester.