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Press Beauty is the lovechild of an infatuation with skincare that WORKS + beautiful packaging, textures and scents that make you feel HAPPY. We believe that skincare should be as enjoyable to use, as it is effective. That is why we have infused carefully selected flowers, herbs and fruits - beautiful sensory, mood enhancing ingredients - chosen for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory + antioxidant rich properties - into our products. We have combined these natural elements with scientifically formulated ingredients to bring you potent + effective formulations that fuse the best of both worlds. Each glass skincare product is finished off in a beautifully unique, signature Prene® sleeve - which not only looks ever-so-lovely, it also helps to protect the bottle - a packaging collaboration that almost creates a new genre; where skincare meets accessory.

Our reusable microfibre make-up removing + cleansing wipes were developed with the modern woman (+ man!) in mind. Expensive, single-use makeup removers can be seriously harsh and cause irritation, breakouts as well as upset the balance of your skin's natural pH levels. Not to mention the amount of unnecessary environmental waste they contribute to. No thank you. Press Beauty wipes use only water. This loosens makeup which allows our super fine, soft microfibres to get deep inside any pores + lines and work their magic. That pretty little face of yours is left clean and healthy, naturally. Press Beauty wipes can also be used in place of a facial cleanser - they work amazingly well to remove daily dirt and grime, even when you are not wearing any makeup at all.

All Press Beauty botanical skincare formulations are:


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